The Latin Translating Extravaganza

Or, just how badly the Latin language can be butchered

Rabid Virgil Translators United
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Well, this place started off as a community for all of those Vergil enthusiasts on livejournal, and still is! AP Vergil students are welcome, as well as anyone who currently finds him/herself unable to translate the poet's verse into understandable english.

However, I'd now like to officially involve anyone who is translating any Latin work! This, of course, means everyone out there that's working on AP Catullus/Horace or their own projects. :)

So, If you have an horrendous translation that just must be shared, an interesting fact about the Aeneid and it's characters, something interesting to say about Vergil, Catullus, or Horace and their work, or are just amused by the latin language and mythology, come on in!

lotsokarma does her best to maintain this community :)

Bona Fortuna :)